We are fully aware of the limitations of food allergies and intolerances for customers who suffer them, especially when it comes to enjoying their holidays, which is why we make an enormous effort to provide a standardized dining experience. For this reason, we have implemented an allergen information system which indicates all those present (in accordance with regulations R(EU) 1169/2011 and RD 126/2015) in each of our dishes and by means of which they will be able to identify by means of the corresponding symbol those containing any of the allergens contemplated. Although we cannot offer a personalised or "a la carte" menu, we do not offer a "personalised" or "a la carte" menu.

for customers with allergies, it is not really necessary to provide adequate information on the dishes served. Despite our efforts to offer this improved service, it should be noted that, by the very nature of the buffet service, we cannot completely exclude the accidental presence of any of the allergens, as they may appear by improper handling of diners.

When designing the menus of our restaurant Kentia we tried to minimize the presence of allergens, in fact there is a menu option that only contains sulfites and soybeans (must be requested at the time of booking) and gluten for bread (can also be ordered gluten-free). Unfortunately in Orijama, given the characteristics of the teppanyaki service, there may be cross contamination of all the allergens present on the menu, so you should refrain from visiting this restaurant if you suffer from allergy or intolerance to the following allergens (in accordance with regulations R (EU) 1169/2011 and RD 126/2015): fish, crustaceans, soy, milk, gluten, eggs, sesame and sulfites.


Although we try to give as much variety as possible to all types of allergies, given the prevalence of gluten intolerance in the world population we have made an additional effort to meet the needs of celiac clients. In addition to the corresponding labels on all buffet dishes, for breakfast we have a gluten-free corner with packaged sliced bread, which can also be ordered during lunch and dinner. We can also offer mini-baguettes and gluten-free pasta by making the request in advance to the restaurant manager.

Among the buffet desserts we have incorporated gluten-free cake, and there is also the possibility of gluten-free beer in the bottle (included in the All Inclusive option).

The hypoallergenic menu of our restaurant Kentia does not contain gluten, remember that you must request it at the time of booking, as well as gluten-free bread.