We are fully aware of the limitations that food allergies and intolerances involve for those customers who suffer them, especially for the enjoyment of their holidays; due to this we make a tremendous effort to provide them with a normalized gastronomical experience.

We have therefore implemented an allergen information system which shows all the ones present (as per law R(EU) 1169/2011 and RD 126/2015) in each dish at our buffet, so that guests are able to identify thanks to symbols in the labels which dishes they should avoid depending on their allergy. Even though we cannot offer a personalized menu or "a la carte" for those customers with an allergy, this is actually not necessary since we offer the adequate information for all the dishes displayed. Despite our great effort to provide this improved service, it must be considered that we cannot totally exclude the accidental presence of any of the allergens in the buffet service, which may arise due to the incorrect handling by the diners. You may contact our staff should you have any doubts.

Our Kentia restaurant also offers a hypoallergenic menu which just contains sulphites and soy (it must be requested at the moment of booking your table). Unfortunately at Orijama, due to the special features involved in the teppanyaki service, there is the possibility of cross-contamination from all allergens contained in the menu. Please refrain from visiting this restaurant if you are allergic or intolerant to any the following (as law R(EU) 1169/2011 and RD 126/2015): fish, crustacean, soy, milk, gluten, eggs, sesame and sulphites.


Even though we strive to provide the biggest choice possible for all type of allergies, given the prevalence of gluten intolerance in the world's population we have made an additional effort to meet the needs of our celiac customers. Apart from the labels in the different buffet dishes, we also have at breakfast a gluten-free corner, there you will find individually packed gluten-free bread which you may also request at lunch and dinner without previous notice. Gluten-free pasta and mini-baguettes are available upon request to the restaurante manager.

We have also added gluten-free cakes among our dessert options, and it is also possible to have bottled gluten-free beer at the restaurants (with a reduction for our all-inclusive guests).

The hypoallergenic menu at Kentia restaurant is gluten-free (please make sure to request the gluten-free bread).

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